You know it's one thing if you break the law, get caught and get sent to jail as punishment for your crime or crimes. It's another thing entirely to ALREADY be in jail for breaking the law and then get arrested again. It sounds like something that should be pretty difficult to do but three current Dutchess County inmates recently managed to make what seemed impossible possible.

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Arrested and Already in Jail

So the question has got to be asked; what could a current inmate or in this case, inmates do to get themselves arrested while already being in jail? Well based on recent events, there's at least a few things an inmate can do to be arrested again.

According to a report from News 12: Westchester Dutchess County Jail inmates Jason Wands, Saed Ramadan and Jamel Williams each were recently arrested again for crimes they committed while serving their current stints in the jail.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

The 39 year old Wands was arrested and charged for criminal contempt after allegedly making a recent phone call which violated an active restraining order. The case seems to be similar for Ramadan, age 45 of Wappingers Falls as he also now faces charges for criminal contempt as well as aggravated family offense.

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash
Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

Both Wands and Ramadan were arraigned before a City of Poughkeepsie court and were then returned to Dutchess County Jail. Both are expected to be back in court some time next month. McMorris McMorris

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This current case is much different for the 31-year old Williams of East Fishkill. In the report it is alleged that Williams being arrested again was due to attacking another inmate. Williams now faces assault charges and it reportedly scheduled to be in court later this month. Williams was also returned to the Dutchess County Jail like Wands and Ramadan.

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