A night of drunken hijinks has landed two New York state college students in some hot water.

Now, we've all probably done some regrettable things every now and then while intoxicated. However, My Twin Tiers is reporting that two students from St. John Fisher College in Rochester stole and vandalized a statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglas.

WHEC says the whole thing started when the two young men were heading home from the bars and simply got a "bad idea". WHEC says both students have been suspended by the school and are facing criminal mischief charges.

WROC is reporting that the statue was ripped from its base and carried down the street by the two men.

The statue had reportedly only been up for a month near an intersection in Rochester. The statue was supposed to commemorate the bicentennial of the year of Douglas's birth. Douglas was an escaped slave, whole later became a well known abolitionist, statesmen, author, and social reformer in the mid 1800s.

Much of Douglas's work was done in New York and Massachusetts  Douglas lived and worked in Rochester after returning from London in 1847. After his death in 1891, he was buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester.

The two college students have plead not guilty according to WHEC.