Police have arrested a Hudson Valley man after they say he went on a drunken scooter rampage on Halloween.

Law enforcement agencies across the region were on high alert for drunk drivers over the Halloween weekend. Although a majority of resources were put towards pulling over cars at traffic stops and patrolling highways, it turns out that not all DUI accidents occur on four wheels.

Having one too many and getting behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous, even if you're not driving a car. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened in Ulster County on Halloween night.

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Police Say Drunker Scooter Driver Injured Trick-or-Treaters

According to the Town of Lloyd Police, Nykiem M. McLean was riding an electric scooter on Halloween while under the influence of alcohol.  The 25-year-old Poughkeepsie man was scooting through the Sterling Place neighborhood in Highland, which is a bucolic, tree-lined loop with rows of homes. It's one of those streets that was tailor-made for trick-or-treating.

Police say that McLean was operating his scooter while drunk and somehow struck two young teenagers who were going home to home while collecting Halloween candy.


Scooter Rider Arrested

McLean was arrested and charged with Operation of an Electric Scooter while Under the Influence of Alcohol. The teens were treated at the scene for minor injuries and, luckily, will be alright. Unfortunately, this most certainly ruined Halloween for them.

An appearance ticket was given to McLean and he has been directed to return to Town of Lloyd Court at the end of November.

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