In one the weirder DWI cases you'll ever hear about, a Lancaster County man will serve at least one month in prison for a series of events that happened in August.

CBS Albany reports that Thomas Felts encountered a group of Amish teens and began sharing stories about a tradition called Rumspringa.

Rumspringa is a term used in certain Amish sects for a rite of passage which begins around the age of fourteen to sixteen, and ends when the person chooses baptism within the Amish, or leaving the community.

It is a time of relaxed behavioral restrictions where the youth are actually encouraged to engage in non-Amish traditions. For some Amish youth, that may even include drinking an recreational drugs.

Perhaps Felt wanted to capture some of this youthful, rebellious energy. The Lancaster District Attorney's Office said Felt then showed the teens a pistol and handed them cans of beer.

Police say that later that August night, Felt passed the teens as they drove their buggy. Felt was driving a red Dodge car and screamed "Rumspringa!" as he passed them.

Then he suddenly stopped in front of them, causing the buggy to hit the back of the Dodge.

No one was seriously hurt

The DA's Office said that Felt's blood-alcohol level at the time was .126 percent.