A motorcycle ride through northern Texas almost turned tragic after a man driving a car swerves into one of the cycles, knocking the driver and a passenger to the ground. However, when confronted, the driver of the car doesn't show any remorse.


WFAA reports that Eric Sanders was out for a ride Saturday afternoon with his girlfriend Debra Simpson. Sanders' friend was behind them, recording their ride on his own motorcycle as they drove down Tin Top Highway near Granbury, Texas.

Sanders eventually encounters a slow group of cars. When he goes to pass them, the video shows one of the cars swerve into Sanders' lane just as he passes, hitting the motorcycle and throwing Sanders and Simpson off.

Sanders' friend then confronts the driver, William Crum, on camera. Crum's response is what is the shocking part. "I don't care," Crum says. His reasoning? "I got stung by a wasp," he says in the video.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that their troopers are now investigating whether Crum intentionally crashed into Sanders, which would be a felony.

Debra Simpson sustained series injuries and remains in the ICU at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. Sanders says that the doctors are worried about the infection on her arm and that they might have to amputate.

He says he has no question in his mind that the crash was intentional.

Police say the video will be a central piece of their investigation, and they say to expect a decision from the district attorney this week.

Sanders was cited at the scene for passing in a no-pass zone and for driving with an invalid license.