It's a case of a couple of people who were just doing their job. A driver, who police say hit two trash collectors and left the scene of the accident, is facing additional charges after one of the men died. Police identified the deceased man as a 22-year-old from the lower Hudson Valley who had crossed the street to collect trash barrels early Friday morning, February 18.

LoHud says that the two trash collectors were struck in Nanuet that morning. The driver of the garbage truck told authorizes that he had heard a loud crash as they were out on their route. When police showed up, they found the one man lying unresponsive, and the other near a curb, complaining of pain and having difficulty breathing. Both were taken to Nyack Hospital according to LoHud. The accused driver and his vehicle were found by police later that day.

Police were told Sunday by Westchester Medical Center that the victim had died from his injuries. Police said the suspect voluntarily arrived at their headquarters Wednesday and was arraigned in Clarkstown Town Court on the new charge. There isn't any additional information on the condition of the second man who was struck.

Other news from the state

In other news, a New York State trooper is lucky to escape injury after being struck from behind by another vehicle. There aren't too many details available as of yet, however, WNYT says the trooper was stopped at a traffic light when the accident occurred. Officials say the person in the other vehicle was intoxicated, at more than twice the state's legal limit.

WNYT says the accident happened when the trooper was stopped and the alleged drunk driver hit them from behind. Police brought the driver to Clifton Park headquarters where she was given a breathalyzer. Authorities say she ended up blowing a .19% BAC, which is more than double the legal limit. The Albany woman is now facing undisclosed charges.

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