It's an election year, and we're already knee-deep in the back and forth political ads that won't stop until November. But do you necessarily have to be human to run for office in America? Not always. Would you ever vote for a canine to take office? Some may say this sounds crazy. But hey, they might do a better job than a lot of human officials.

First Canine 

Through the years, there's been a number of dogs and other animals who have run for office in various places around the world. Many times it's done as satire, as the titles these pooches often hold are considered an "honorary" position. Sometimes the animals' owners even enter them into the race as a form of protest.


This is a rather peculiar story about the time a canine actually ran for office in a pretty well known town in the Capitol Region in 2015..

Diamond Runs for Mayor in New York

Anyone remember the story of Diamond? Diamond is a dog who ran for Mayor of Schenectady in 2015. Diamond ran as a write-in candidate against Mayor Gary McCarthy, Roger Hull, and Chris Gibbs, and was described by her owner as “Schenectady’s best friend.”. She wasn't the first four-legged candidate to run for mayor in Schenectady either.

According to the Daily Gazette, there was Sparky the cat in 2007, Roger the cat in 2011, and Loffredo the dog in 1999.

Diamond's owner, Kathy Fitzmaurice, was also the owner of both cats who had previously run, according to the Gazette. Fitzmaurice said she just wanted to have a little fun. Of course, Diamond didn't win, even after promising lower taxes and a fire hydrant on every block. Maybe some other time.

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