According to a Siena College poll, 63% of people living in New York City and its suburbs say they own dogs. If you go further away upstate, that number increases to 77%, according to the poll's results.

Naturally, many New Yorkers will bring their dogs with them for a walk on the trail, which can be good for a canine's overall health. However, keeping your dog on a leash is important.

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In the following case, an unleashed dog on a trail led to an argument, which police say became physical.

Woman Allegedly Assaulted in Westchester County on Trail 

According to Talk of the Sound, the Westchester Police Department said they received a call that a woman had been assaulted in Pound Ridge early Sunday afternoon. Officials say the altercation happened at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation when an unleashed dog ran up to the woman from behind.

Police say this led to an argument between the woman and the owners of the dog; a couple from New Rochelle. Police say the situation escalated, and the female suspect hit the victim in the head and knocked her to the ground. The male suspect is accused of breaking the victim's phone and smashing it against a rock.

Police arrested the couple and the two are being charged, according to Talk of the Sound. The victim was helped by two other park patrons and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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Officer in Westchester Saves Dog in Burning Building 

The Ossining Police Department posted on their Facebook page that one of their officers "braved a heavy smoke condition in a burning building" to save a dog that was still inside. Ossining Police said that Officer DaSilva ran inside the burning building to rescue a dog named Cujo.

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