It has caused all kinds of arguments between couples, are you one of them?

Trust is a big thing when you're trying to be in a successful relationship, right? When it comes to your significant other's cell phone, do you need to have access to it? Kristen from Poughkeepsie sent us a text asking because she thinks she might have a problem with her fiance.

I heard some report the other day about a survey on whether you know the passcode to your significant other's cell phone. Later that night I jokingly asked my fiance what HIS passcode is and he said "top secret" and started laughing. (not funny!!) So I asked seriously, Babe can I have it? He just brushed it off and didn't say anything. I let it go but honestly guys it's been bugging me ever since. Does the man I'm planning on spending my life with have secrets? What could be in his phone that he doesn't want me to see? Is this normal? Doesn't every couple share their passcodes with each other? I can't stop thinking about it now.

YIKES!! First, if this is something that bothers Kristen this much she needs to make sure she tells her fiance how important it is to her. If he continues to refuse then there might be something she should worry about. But I know that in my relationship world, I have no interest in having access to anyone's phone.

Second, I do know that if any partner of mine got this upset about the phone thing it might be a red flag for me. Like why would you need it, don't you trust me? I'm not hiding anything!

Does your partner have access to your phone? Is it a big deal to share it with a partner? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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