If you've already filed your taxes you may be waiting a while to see your refund from New York State.

Many Hudson Valley residents who've already submitted their 2017 taxes are wondering when they will see their money back from the state. Many who are getting a refund have already received refunds from the federal government, but nothing from New York.

It seems that new security measures are holding up those refunds. In order to fight fraud and identity theft, New York State is now requiring extra information before processing tax returns. Dave Lingardo from Taxpert Tax Service in Hopewell Junction says that drivers license numbers and even IP addresses from computers that are submitting the tax returns all need to be verified before your taxes are processed and refunds are sent out.

Just how much longer it will take is anyone's guess. I did my taxes over two weeks ago and had my Federal refund in my bank account after just about a week. I'm still waiting to see money back from New York.

If you're depending on that tax refund to pay bills or make a purchase, the best advice is to get your taxes done sooner than later. As more people file before the deadline it will probably take even longer to get your money back from the Empire State.