The Hudson Valley and the rest of New York state have quite a history when it comes to UFOs. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, New York ranks fifth in the nation for reports of UFO-related events, and 2020 was another big year for sightings. Only California, Florida, Washington, and Texas rank higher than the Empire State. Is there something, or maybe someone else out there? Hell, even some Super Bowl quarterbacks claim they've seen flying saucers over the Hudson Valley.

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What is Area 51? 

You've probably heard of Area 51. Area 51 the name given to the top-secret Air Force facility in the Nevada desert, that is used as a test and training range by the military. The complex has been long rumored to house and test various unidentified flying objects and has been the subject of vast conspiracy theories concerning the U.S. government and alien technology. The mystery surrounding the testing area has been featured in numerous TV shows, documentaries, movies, and folklore across the world for years. Many have flocked to the desert to search for the strange and the unexplained.

Does New York Have its own Area 51?

But did you know that New York state has its very own "Area 51", of sorts, right here? You might have to travel a bit outside the Hudson Valley to the northern part of the state to experience it though. Now, it may not look like much from the outside, but it's officially known as Thompson Park outside Watertown. It's located near a golf course and other nearby attractions, but some say there's something far more mysterious and even sinister lurking in the woods. NY Upstate says the park has been the site of lots of unexplained paranormal activity through the decades. Some claim to have even traveled through time. Weird.



Witnesses have reached out to online groups like Haunted History Trail and shared bizarre stories of vortexes that allegedly exist throughout the park. Some of these accounts claim the vortex will even transport you from one part of the park to another, like teleportation. NNY Living says the strange occurrences at Thompson Park go back to at least 1905. Some groups have explored the region and found that high levels of electromagnetic fields exist in Thompson Park, which may be part of the explanation for the weird supernatural occurrences. However, is this all there is, or is there more to the story we are not aware of? Is there anything at all happening here aside from hoaxes and mass hysteria? The mystery remains.

Does this have anything to do with hauntings or extraterrestrials? Maybe some sort of weird natural phenomenon is at work that we don't fully understand?  Have you ever visited Watertown and Thompson Park? Perhaps it's just Bigfoot? 

Some of the Hudson Valley's Recent UFO Sightings

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Weird UFO Encounters Through History 

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