Many have wondered what exactly is going on behind the walls of the infamous Area 51 that lies near Rachel, Nevada.

A couple of guys filming themselves riding dirt bikes inside the 38,400 acre site found out the hard way in August.

People have speculated that the remote location that is surrounded by the Nellis Air Force Base is a top secret spot where the military houses everything from high tech aircraft and weaponry, to U.F.Os and even extraterrestrials.

The United States government denied it's existence for many years until three years ago when the CIA revealed the location is a testing site for spy planes.

The two bikers can be seen being intercepted by a couple of armed men wearing camouflage (or, "Cammo Dudes" as one of the bikers refers to them).

The armed men were not in the mood for any unwanted guests.

The men are actually Department of Defense contractors who patrol the area and remove any ill advised sight seers who get too closes.

According to the NY Daily News, about two to three people break into Area 51 a month. Trespassers can be issued a pretty heavy citation.

There's even a sign near the complex that says that deadly force is authorized, so this isn't an area where you want to be caught.