The aisles, the deals and the hairstyles of the old Poughkeepsie Caldor have been captured forever in an awesome time capsule.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and relive some of your fondest memories of growing up in the Hudson Valley? Well, a recently uncovered video may just help you do that.

While most people with access to a time machine would most likely decide to go back to their first kiss or the time they scored the winning touchdown in high school, maybe the best way to relive your youth is to access those memories that aren't so epic.

You probably remember those life-changing moments like it was yesterday, but it's those everyday memories that seem to get lost forever.  While I can remember specific events from high school, for the life of me I have trouble picturing myself actually walking down the hall and going from class to class or even where I sat in any specific room. Those mundane details are all but lost forever.

Luckily, we can relive one of those long-lost memories right now. Just scroll down and instantly get transported inside the Poughkeepsie Caldor.  If you've ever shopped their in your youth I guarantee it'll blow your mind and unlock some memories that haven't been accessed in years.

We've showcased some of the best moments below, but if you want to watch the whole video you can scroll down to the bottom.

Rare Look at a Day Inside the Poughkeepsie Caldor During the 1980s

Do you remember shopping at Caldor?

Check out the full video here:

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