You never what you'll find at your local Walmart.

After all, police recently discovered an underground meth lab in a Walmart parking lot in western New York, so who knows?

This may take the cake.

A Walmart shopper caught this bizarre incident unfold at Lancaster, Ohio store Sunday evening. The witness saw what appears to be a monkey wearing a diaper on top of several shopping carts.

The individual who filmed the encounter told NBC4i 

I saw the monkey and he was just standing on the carts, and this lady was trying to come over and get him. The monkey had escaped from a nearby camper. And we saw the cart guy from Walmart coming over to help her.

This monkey wasn't going down without a fight.

The owner of the primate can be seen telling the animal to let the male employee go, then asks if the animal had bitten him.

According to KSN TV, the worker wasn’t injured but there is an ongoing investigation to see if the monkey is registered.

There is no word as of yet who owns the monkey or where it's from.