Warning: Bad Language.

This quick-thinking seal has become a viral hit while cleverly saving its own life.

A group of folks were out whale watching on the Campbell River in British Columbia when the little seal frantically hopped aboard their boat.

A pod of hungry orcas had been chasing the seal, and according to Gizmodo, even tossed the blubbery mammal around in the water a few times before it somehow reached the boat.

The seal hitched a ride, only to reenter the water a few more times thinking the coast was clear.

It was not. Orcas are known for being relentless hunters. So, the seal hopped back aboard the boat and rode with his human friends to safety.

Finally, the seal was able to jump back into the water far enough away from the killer whales. The orcas had given up, and the seal was able to swim to safety.

The video has over a million and half views since being uploaded to Youtube August 23.