I don’t go to fast food restaurants too often. I don’t even eat red meat. Sometimes I’ll get a coffee at McDonalds, but other than that, hardly ever. However, every once in a while I’ll get the itch for one of those plant based burgers and I’ll go to that fast food restaurant that makes pretty good ones. 

There’s a brand new one of those restaurants that make plant based burgers not too far from my house, so over the weekend my boyfriend and I decided to get a couple of burgers. What a mistake that was. There were only a couple of cars at the drive-thru and maybe two or three people inside. We went to the drive-thru, which is a double drive-thru. The line was small but not moving. Not at all. So we all sat there. And then a car came up behind us so we couldn’t leave if we wanted to. 

It was 21 minutes before we got to the speaker and there were only 2 cars in front of us when we pulled in. And one car in the other drive-thru. Anyway, we sat at the speaker for another 7 minutes before we got to order. And then we waited. It was another 5 minutes until we got to the window only to find out they didn’t have our order ready. It didn’t even seem to sound familiar to them. And it was only two burgers. 5 more minutes for a grand total of 38 in line. But wait… there’s more. 

When I counted my change, it was ten dollars short. So, I had to actually go inside and get my money. That took another 3 minutes. And we hadn’t even had a bite of food yet. Let’s recap. We pulled into the drive-thru of the brand new state-of-the-art fast food restaurant at 6:08. We pulled away at 6:49. And the worst part? The burgers were cold. Will I be going back? I think I’ll wait until they iron the kinks out.

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