Three film icons are right here in the Hudson Valley this week, hard at work on a new project.

Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese are filming The Irishman throughout the Hudson Valley. On Thursday portions of Suffern, NY were transformed into the 1970s with classic cars parked in roadways and storefronts completely transformed.

The Suffern Police closed down parts of Lafayette Ave. in the Village. The areas between Chestnut St. and Washington Ave. were shut down from 7am to 3pm. Later in the day the road between Chestnut St. to Orange Ave. were completely blocked off for filming.

This picture popped up on Instagram on Thursday afternoon of DeNiro, Scorses and Pesci  enjoying a break from the action:

Residents spent the day on Laffayette Ave. trying to catch a glimpse of the stars at work on the new film that will be released on Netflix.

This isn't the first time Suffern has been used as the backdrop for a major motion picture. Last April Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller were in the village filming in front of the Chase bank.

If you missed the action on Thursday be sure to keep your eyes open. Production has been secretive about where the movie is being filmed, with locations being revealed with limited notice.

If you happen to catch any of the big stars on the set we'd love to see your photos. You can send them to us on our Facebook page or in the contact section on this website.

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