The largest takedown of alleged illegal dumping in New York State involves the Hudson Valley.

On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced the largest takedown of alleged illegal dumping offenders in state history. The State Department of Environmental Conservation led an ongoing multi-agency crackdown on the illegal disposal of construction and demolition debris.

"Illegal dumping poses a serious threat to our environment, and New York will not allow any unscrupulous businesses to continue to harm this state," Cuomo said. "We have made significant progress in protecting New York's communities and resources with the largest takedown of alleged illegal dumping, and as we continue to work to stop this alleged criminal behavior, we are sending a clear message to potential polluters that their time is up and this state will do everything in our power to protect New York's communities."

"Operation TrashNet" launched an enforcement blitz on Long Island and in the Mid-Hudson Valley on the alleged illegal disposal of debris and other solid waste violations.

"Operation TrashNet"  on Long Island and in the Mid-Hudson Valley led to:

  • Over 550 total tickets issued and charges filed for various misdemeanors and
  • other serious safety violations during enforcement actions
  • More than 170 tickets issued for alleged unlawful disposal of solid waste
  • More than 40 trucking companies allegedly identified
  • 81 new illegal dumping sites uncovered
  • 26 trucks seized and impounded
  • 53 search warrants executed

A number of cases remain under investigation, additional operations to identify and pursue criminal offenders and illegal dumping sites are planned for the coming months, officials say.

According to the Governor's office, "Operation TrashNet"  is also strengthening New York's solid waste regulations to deter illegal dumping, address this growing threat and help protect New York's water quality.