Hey kids, it's now legal for tweens in New York to grab a gun and take down a deer.

Governor Cuomo just signed the 2021-2022 budget that quietly includes legislation allowing 12 and 13-year-olds to hunt deer with a firearm or crossbow. The law is sure to give conservative haters of Cuomo some serious whiplash. On one hand, everything Cuomo does is the work of the devil. But on the other hand... guns!

In all seriousness, the law seems a little out of step from what most people expect from a "crazy liberal Democrat." But that only goes to show that both sides of the aisle actually do agree on a majority of gun policy issues, despite how badly the gun lobby wants us to believe otherwise.

The new law pretty much proves that liberals aren't actually trying to take anyone's guns away. The Biden administration just announced that they are pursuing several executive actions that would curb the dangerous use of guns. Of course, this has caused a knee-jerk reaction from loud, angry pundits who claim it's tantamount to a repeal of the second amendment. In actuality, the actions are pretty much common-sense measures that are favored by over 80% of the country.

Cuomo's new law expands opportunities for 12 and 13-year olds to use a firearm when hunting big game. Children of the same age are already allowed to hunt small game with a firearm and takedown deer or bears with a bow and arrow. The new law simply expands hunting opportunities for kids who are being supervised by an experienced hunter.

The law does need to be adopted by individual counties and areas south of Westchester are generally exempt from the law because, well, there's really nothing there to legally shoot.

So don't worry liberals, Cuomo hasn't turned into a gun nut. And conservatives, please don't let your brain explode wondering how our gubernatorial groper could actually agree with loosening gun restrictions. We're really all on the same page when it comes to safe, responsible gun use. Let's get those common-sense laws passed and help protect and educate our kids at the same time.

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