It's the news no one wants to hear. A store that has been in the Hudson Valley for decades plans to close. Although her community will certainly mourn the loss of one of the pillars of Cold Spring, owner Leonora Burton recently decided to shutter the doors of her beloved shop that she's been helming since 1986. Two pieces of good news, though: the closure isn't for the reason you may think, and there's also still a possibility that it could stay open long after Leonora leaves.

Say it ain't so! The Country Goose may be closing for good (Google Maps)
Say it ain't so! The Country Goose may be closing for good (Google Maps)

The Country Goose and Highland Baskets has been the destination for tourists and locals alike for over 36 years, selling everything from kitchenware to gift baskets and providing a meeting place for people to spend as much time talking with Leonora as they did shopping. One of the most interesting details behind the store's closing, though, is that it isn't due to lack of business, but rather a desire by the owner to return home.

Burton was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and several developments in her personal life, including the loss of her husband, as well as her grandchildren growing up thousands of miles away from the Hudson Valley in the U.K., helped her make the decision to be closer to family across the Atlantic. That being said, the Country Goose doesn't have to close.

Leonora says that even though she plans on going through with her move, she is still open to selling the store to another passionate community member. While the possibility is on the table, Burton knows that the odds are slim, as is the chance that someone could keep the store running as successfully as it has been for the past several decades. As she told the Highlands Current,

People have to know what they’re in for... People want to have a store, but have no idea how to run a store. For them to rise to the challenge, they have to be themselves.

Another requirement for a potential new owner: keep the store dog friendly.

It's clear that the community loves Leonora and the Country Goose. A quick glance at their Google reviews shows the love and support from near and far. Said one recent customer:

Leonora is a wonderful, sweet, generous, kind-hearted person. She stocks the shop with wonderful roasted coffees, chocolates, stuffed animals, and gorgeous bowls, among other things. But it's much more than a commerce for her - it is giving of herself to others. Leonora, thank you for being so warm and inviting and sharing. You are a beacon of light on Main Street Cold Spring and Main Street U.S.A.! Love forever.

So is there a passionate, dog-loving businessperson that wants to keep the heart and soul of a beloved business going for 40 more years? You have until March to jump on the opportunity before Leonora packs up and says farewell to the store and town she's loved and supported for so long.

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