A baby born in New Hyde Park, Long Island could be the first baby born in the state for 2019.

ABC is reporting that the baby was born just seven seconds after midnight, January 1, at Long Island Jewish Medical Center to Eli and Adina Derdik. The mother says that while they had the Times Square celebration on TV in the delivery room, she didn't really think one or the other about her child being the first born of the new year.

ABC says that the parents will keep with Jewish tradition, and won't name the baby until the eighth day of his life.

In the meantime, the baby boy has been given the nickname 007. 

Seven seconds is pretty close, but there's no final word if this was New York state's first baby of the year. It would be even harder, if not impossible, to prove if this was the world's first baby of 2019. However, one publication in Ireland says that a baby was born just three seconds after midnight in the town of Louth.

UNICEF estimates that over 395,000 babies were born around the world the first day of the year, with over 11,000 from the U.S. alone.