It may only be fall, but that won't stop the snow from falling in the Hudson Valley.

The Weather Channel recently released a report with the average first snowfall in major cities across the U.S. The average includes early and late snowfalls, but this is still the absolute average. A snowfall is defined as 0.1 inches or more.

This list did not have a Hudson Valley city on it. However, the list created by The Weather Channel did mention Albany and New York City. The average first snow in Albany is on November 16, and the average first snow in New York City is December 14. To figure out the Hudson Valley's "average", I found the middle date between Albany's and New York City's. The totally unscientific average first snow date for the Hudson Valley is November 30-the day smack in the middle of November 16 and December 14.

I used this method because the Hudson Valley is pretty much smack in the middle of Albany and New York City. As I said, this is completely unscientific and has literally no evidence to back it up. But it's the best I have. So, therefore, I hypothesize that the Hudson Valley will get its first snow on November 30.

Do you think we'll have snow before or after November 30? Comment below or on our Facebook to let us know.