Local schools could have a 3-day weekend, every weekend.

A Colorado school district recently moved from a 5-day school week to a 4-day school week, according to USA Today. The district made the switch to attract great teachers and better use resources. The change begins in August 2018 and Monday will be the day students have off. The article doesn't mention if the length of the school day will increase.

People have often brought up the idea of a 4-day school week and 3-day weekend for students grades K-12. Parents.com actually reported on a study that said a 4-day school week could be beneficial to elementary aged kids. All over the country, different schools are trying out the 4-day school week.

No Hudson Valley schools have tested out the shorter week, but it is possible it may happen. People often bring up saving money and less stress on kids as the reasoning for the shorter week.

If the Colorado district and other districts see success across the board with the changes, it could become more popular, making its way into local schools.