In March 2015, Constance Koulmey of Woodbury, CT figured she'd enjoy a nice dinner out at the Oakville restaurant. Little did she know that she'd be caught in the literal crossfire that resulted in her eyes being burnt and falling on her head.

WIVB reports that a jury ruled in favor of Koulmey, awarding her over $100,000 dollars after suffering injuries that night at the restaurant.

What happened exactly? Seems that a couple of guys were arguing over something. One of the men reportedly threw a bowl of pasta at the other like most mature adults do in a situation like that. Unfortunately, for her, the pasta landed on Koulmay instead. The spicy sauce from the bowl burned her eyes

If you think that's bad, things got even worse when she fell over and hit her head on the floor after being disoriented by the dripping sauce.

The official complaint from Koulmey states:

"The plaintiff, Constance Koulmey, was walking towards the exit door of the restaurant, when suddenly and without warning the pasta with hot and spicy fra diavolo sauce...struck her about the head and the face causing the spicy sauce to drip down her head, onto her face and in her eyes and further causing her to fall and striking her head."

No charges were ever filed against the pasta tosser. 

Needless, to say, she'll probably never be going back to that restaurant.