Hudson Valley residents have shown their dedication to the environment for decades. From cleaning up the Hudson River to preserving the Shawangunk Ridge line from development, the Hudson Valley has stepped up time and again to be stewards of our natural resources.

One of the best ways to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal is by using clean, renewable energy sources--with solar energy being the most abundant and easiest to harvest.

Anybody in the Hudson Valley with an electric bill can commit to lowering their carbon footprint by opting into community solar. Solstice, a community solar organization, is offering free solar subscriptions to customers of Central Hudson and Orange & Rockland who visit or call (866) 826-1997.

Here are the top five benefits of community solar for Hudson Valley residents:

1. No Bothersome Installation or Upfront Costs.

One of the best parts of calling the Hudson Valley home is connecting with nature. Nevertheless, having a heavy tree canopy on your property can exclude you from a rooftop solar installation. Nearly half of American homeowners can’t install rooftop solar panels because of their roof structure or the shade on their property, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Community solar programs offer subscription opportunities to participants. Instead of buying solar panels, you subscribe to the electricity they produce at a discounted rate compared to your usual utility bill.

2. Cheaper Bills + Energy Independence

With Solstice, community solar subscribers see a discount of 10% on their electricity bills. Also, community solar farms bring the energy independence of rooftop solar to the broader Hudson Valley community. Being energy independent makes us less reliant on unstable global energy markets.

You can earn up to $160 for enrolling in Solstice Community Solar at no cost. Just call (866) 826-1997 or visit today!

3. You Don’t Need to Own Your Home to Participate.

You don’t need to own your home or live in a shaded area to participate. Solstice’s community solar projects in the Hudson Valley allow renters, condo owners or homeowners to access solar energy

4. Supporting the Hudson Valley Economy

You commit to supporting local business owners in your day-to-day shopping trips. Why not support the community in the energy economy, as well? Wind and solar created nearly 100,000 jobs in 2016 alone, according to U.S. Department of Energy data.

Solstice's community solar farms in the Hudson Valley means job opportunities for your friends and neighbors.

5. Protecting the Environment

Fossil fuels contaminate our air and water resources, harming our environment and impacting our health. Plus, the CO2 emissions produced by fossil fuel energy heat up our planet and cause sea level rise and extreme weather patterns--something Hudson Valley residents impacted by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy know all too well.

Solar panels don’t produce pollutants and replace the fossil fuel-powered energy sources damaging our world.

Tired of high bills and dirty energy?

You can earn up to $160 for enrolling in Solstice community solar at no cost. Just call (866) 826-1997 or visit today!