An abomination of all good sense known as rompers somehow became a thing over the summer.

The button down short length onsies for grown men were apparently the latest trend for bros according to the press (though we're not sure we've ever actually seen anyone wear one of these). What's really crazy is that these stupid looking things go for well over one hundred dollars!

Sure enough, with the holidays and Christmas just around the corner...yeah, there's ugly Christmas rompers now. The NY Post says that an online company known as Get on Fleek Christmas and Hanukkah themed rompers.

Some of the designs include a Santa theme romper, an elf design, and a menorah candle. The holiday rompers are even cheaper too, priced at just one hundred dollars instead one twenty!

Guess this could be the prefect gift for someone in your family you really don't like...that is of course, if you feel like spending that sort of money on such a dumb thing.