This coronavirus pandemic has pretty much turned our lives upside down, at least for the time being. But even more affected are essential workers and their families. People who have gone out there and put their health on the line so that the rest of us could get what we need. Doctors, nurses, grocery workers and the list goes on and on. I think if anyone deserves a celebration it's our essential workers.

The Town of New Windsor and Global Partners LLC are sponsoring a Celebration of Essential Workers with a socially distant safe event on Saturday Sept. 12 at Kristi Babcock Memorial Park on Mt. Airy Road in New Windsor. The Hype will be playing live music from 6:30PM -8PM, followed by a patriotic fireworks show. There will be food vendors on hand to enjoy. You must stay in your car or sit directly outside of it, or in the other designated areas, and if you leave your spot to get food or to use the restrooms masks must be worn.

For more information about the Celebration of Essential Workers Sept. 12 in New Windsor, check out the event facebook page.

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