A winter accident is never fun, but what if your car happens to collide with someone who isn’t insured? 

It’s a question that Bryan Schneider from Schneider Law Offices in the Hudson Valley gets quite often. Schneider says it’s important to have foresight for instances like this and get acquainted with two little-known packages: uninsured motorist benefit coverage and underinsured motorist benefit coverage. These products will protect you and your loved ones in the event you find yourself in an accident with someone who’s uninsured. 

With uninsured motorist benefit coverage, you can bring a claim against your own insurance company for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and other out-of-pocket expenses in the event the other person has no coverage at all. Underinsured motorist coverage also protects you if the person you’ve been involved in an accident with has the bare minimum liability coverage or a lesser amount than you have for yourself. You can also bring such a claim against your own insurance company.  

Schneider says that in these tough times, if you can find the money to pay for this extra coverage it will be well worth it just for the peace of mind you’ll receive for you and the people you care about.  

If you’re looking for more ways to maximize your family’s protection, relying on a professional to help navigate you through your insurance coverage may be a smart idea. 

Bryan Schneider is a personal injury lawyer serving the Hudson Valley. He offers free consultations at 845-419-2354 or midhudlaw.com.