There are a lot of people that claim to love or hate marijuana, but many people don't know the facts, no matter what side of the cannabis fence they're on. That's why you should attend Cannabis 101 at the Holistic Healing Studio in Sugarloaf this Friday, March 16.

Cannabis 101 is a comprehensive course formulated in laymen terms so you can understand the scientific truth about the cannabis plant and the human body. This class will give you facts and leaving you with an understanding of what the cannabis plant is and its benefits. You will learn about cannabinoids, what they are and what they do. The class will also focus on the legal and policy side of cannabis.

The Cannabis 101 class is this Friday from 5 pm - 7 pm at the Holistic Healing Center, 1371 Kings Highway in Sugarloaf. The class is free, but donations will be accepted and appreciated. For more information, check out their facebook page.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images