LEGOLAND New York is giving residents the chance to name a giant dinosaur, and we've got the perfect suggestion.

Finishing touches are being put on the enormous theme park opening in Goshen this spring. Rides, shops, restaurants and other attractions are all coming to life in anticipation of the grand opening celebration that was pushed back an entire year thanks to the global pandemic.

When LEGOLAND New York finally opens, visitors will be greeted by a gigantic, red dinosaur made out of 182,101 red Duplo bricks. It took builders about 1800 hours to construct this smiling dinosaur. Weighing over 6,000 pounds, the dinosaur is decked out in a hard hat with a friendly bird on his back helping him lead a construction crew right in the middle of "Brick Street." The red dinosaur truly has it all... except for a proper name.

From now through February 28, LEGOLAND is asking Hudson Valley residents to write in their suggestion for the dinosaur's name. The theme park will pick one submission to become the iconic model's official name. While this may seem like a fun little contest, it is actually an excellent opportunity for Hudson Valley residents to put a stamp on the park and claim it as our own.

That's why I'm starting a campaign to name the dinosaur "Boris the Brickasaurus."

YouTube/LEGOLAND New York
YouTube/LEGOLAND New York

What's better than naming this giant dinosaur after the Hudson Valley's own radio legend, Boris from 101.5 WPDH? Not convinced yet? Well, hear me out.

I've been a radio personality in the Hudson Valley for almost 30 years. And I believe I have a lot in common with the big red dinosaur. First of all, we're both obsessed with LEGO bricks. In fact, I may have actually been the very first person to purchase season passes for my family after learning that LEGOLAND was opening in Orange County.

Secondly, Orange County is the birthplace of my radio career. I spent over a decade broadcasting from the Castle in Middletown, just minutes away from where Boris the Brickasaurus will be starting his career at LEGOLAND New York. And, much like the LEGO dinosaur, my mission in life is to entertain and put smiles on the faces of people right here in the Hudson Valley.

Finally, just think how cool it would be if we all got together and were able to name this dinosaur.  You'll be able to visit LEGOLAND, point at Boris the Brickasaurus, and proudly exclaim that you were responsible for naming him.

It only takes a moment to cast your vote for Boris the Brickasaurs on LEGOLAND's website. Just click this link, fill out the quick form and you're done. Come on, look at this guy... he even looks like me!

Voting only lasts until February 28, so be sure to click the link and nominate Boris the Brickasaurus!

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