Christmas will be over before you know it, but the kids will still be off from school. Have you thought about how your kids will spend the rest of their vacation? Here's a fun idea that both parents and kids will appreciate. How about a snowman party?

There will be a a snowman party for students ages 5-12 at the Fishkill Recreation Center, 793 Route 52 in Fishkill on Wednesday Dec. 27 from 10 am - 1 pm. All art will be snowman related. Students will learn to draw snowy scenes and turn other pieces into wearable art. Each child will get to explore watercolor paint and different special effects using unexpected tools. They will also turn art into one bracelet and pair of earrings each. And hot chocolate will be served!

For more information about the snowman party at Fishkill Recreation Center, and to find out how to register check out their facebook page. Happy Holidays, and have fun!

Craft Snowmen
Pool /Getty Images