Boaters are always going to face at least some sort of danger when they sail out to sea. You never know what could happen.

That said, few could have guessed what happened to a couple of fishermen off the central Jersey coast Thursday.

The NY Post is reporting that a 25-foot fishing boat was flipped after it was struck by a whale. The two men on board were tossed into the water, though neither suffered any injuries.

A retired Trenton, NJ firefighter heard the "mayday" call and later found the two men clinging to their capsized vessel, reports. says the accident happened only about 50 yards from the beach and that the baitfish the men used is what attracted the whale in their direction.

It is currently unclear what kind of whale hit the boat.

New Jersey State Police had a little fun with the incident on their Facebook and Twitter pages... 

While the story may conjure up images of the Moby Dick, some studies say that whales and boats striking each other is more common that one would think, USA Today reports.