This past weekend was my birthday, as some of you may have heard on my broadcast on Sunday. It feels good to be twenty-four. It’s nice to get this past year behind me because nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three (cue Blink-182). Now, I’m caught in this weird phase where I’m getting too old to say "early twenties," but I don’t want to start saying "mid-twenties." C’est la vie!

One nice thing about this weekend was wherever I went, my friends covered the cost of everything- movies, dinner, drinks, you name it. It was perfect; I didn’t have to spend a dime! Before going out; however, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to celebrate. I find myself frequenting all the same places, and not doing anything different. That got me thinking about places in the Hudson Valley that may treat a birthday boy, such as myself, and perhaps get me out of my routine.

So, in the case you don’t happen to have friends who are willing to shovel out for you, or you just want to look for a new way to treat yourself, I did some digging, and these are some establishments here in the Hudson Valley that offer special deals for your birthday! Many of these require a little work on your end with joining their rewards programs (if you’re not already a member), but they will all be worth the treat.

Did we miss any of your favorite places? Be sure to let us know about some of your favorite birthday destinations.

12 Hudson Valley Restaurants with Birthday Deals

Here are 12 restaurants with deals you need to take advantage of for your next birthday.