This Sunday on the WPDH Album of the week, we'll feature the second album from Billy Squier, Don't Say No.

Don't Say No was released on April 13, 1981. It is the biggest album of Squier's career, hitting the top five and spending two years on the charts, or 111 weeks.

The album had a number of massive singles, The Stroke, Lonely is the Night, In The Dark, and My Kinda Lover. The album was certified gold in July of 1981 and went platinum two months later. It then received the triple-platinum award in 1992.

The tracklisting for Don't Say No:

  1. In the Dark
  2. The Stroke
  3. My Kinda Lover
  4. You Know What I Like
  5. Too Daze Gone
  6. Lonely is the Night
  7. Whadda You Want From Me
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. I Need You
  10. Don't Say No

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