A new book tells the fascinating story of what happens after Poughkeepsie is destroyed in a horrific incident.

Author Scott Westerfeld has written thirteen young adult novels. His best known work is the Uglies trilogy of books which tells the story of a government that forces people to get cosmetic surgery at 16. Most recently the author re-imagined World War I for young readers in his steampunk trilogy of novels called Leviathan.

On May 2 Westerfeld released his latest graphic novel, Spill Zone. The story is set in Poughkeepsie, New York after it has been destroyed in a strange episode that changes all sense of reality within its borders. Strange creatures and happenings are discovered within the "spill zone" of Poughkeepsie by Addison, a girl who's parents were lost in the disaster.

Strange creatures and happenings are discovered within the 'spill zone' of Poughkeepsie...

Addison takes secret trips inside the boundaries of Poughkeepsie at night, documenting her strange visits on film. Local sights such as the Hoe Bowl, the Mid Hudson Bridge and other local business are all detailed in the book. Artistic license abounds, however, with locations like the mysterious Hudson Bay Hospital either embellished or completely made up.

The book is available today on Amazon as well as at most local comic shops and book stores. But if you can't wait, the first few chapters are available for free on the author's website.

And this Saturday, a special prequel titled Spill Night will also be released. Complementary copies will be handed as a part of the Free Comic Book Day celebration on May 6. The prequel tells the story of what actually happened in Poughkeepsie before it was completely destroyed.