When you hear sandwiches and Hudson Valley in the same sentence, you probably immediately think of Rossi's in Poughkeepsie. And for good reason.

Rossi's has become one of the most notable eateries in all of Poughkeepsie. Made with some of the most authentic, fresh ingredients, their sandwiches are nearly unmatched. And their reputation has grown to back that up.

Try searching Poughkeepsie on most social media sites and you'll get flooded with videos of influencers making their trip to the iconic spot. Read More: Viral TikTok' ers Visit Poughkeepsie's Most Famous Sandwich Shop I'm not here to disagree with the absolute top-tier ranking of Rossi's sandwiches. If we're talking about the biggest variety with the best quality, Rossi's is indisputably one of the best. However, there is an unsung sandwich hero (no pun originally intended) hidden in Dutchess County that you need to know about.

One of the Best Sandwiches in the Hudson Valley

Tucked away on East Main Street in Wappingers Falls lies one of the most divine sandwiches I've had the privilege of eating. Let me set the scene: Expertly baked sourdough toasted and coated with garlic butter to start. Spread on a layer of sweet fig jam then a layer of creamy goat cheese. That in itself would be delicious enough, but no, there's more. Add diced BACON to that equation and then drizzle it all with a little honey and you've got easily one of the tastiest sandwiches you could imagine. This sandwich is called the Toasted Goat and it's available at Norma's in Wappingers Falls.

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The irony of it is that Norma's began as a tiny coffee shop and bakery in Queens. So if we're raving about a sandwich, just imagine how out of this world, the main event of pastries and coffee are.


Back in June of 2022, we shared news of Norma's breaking into the Hudson Valley food scene.

We learned owners Crystal River Williams and Denise Plowman went from best friends earning pastry degrees and running an eBay cookie business out of Brooklyn apartments to successful business owners together taking on both Queens and now the Hudson Valley.

Read their Full Story Here: Norma's Corner Shop in Wappingers Open for Business

Beyond this most incredible Toasted Goat sandwich, Norma's has an array of oven-baked, cold, and grilled sandwich options to pair with one of their signature drinks, which should not be overshadowed. Norma's has a line of their own homemade, all-natural syrups used for their coffee creations.

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