Building a strong business isn't always just about meeting goals and numbers. You can't build a profit without a good group of capable people surrounding you. But most importantly, your business has to keep your workers content.

Many factors that keep employees coming back to their jobs include; good benefits, job security, opportunities to grow, compensation, and just the overall feeling like they matter within the company. This will encourage them to want to stay aboard, versus looking for work somewhere else.

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Fortune has once again rated their best companies to work for in 2024, and one particular company based in New York state has once again finished near the top.

Wegmans Once Again Finishes Near the Top

The Democrat & Chronicle says that Wegmans was rated as third best in the magazine's list of Best Workplaces in New York in 2024 for large businesses. This marks the 27th time Wegmans has named to Fortunes annual list of best workplaces.

Wegmans is a highly successful supermarket chain, founded in Rochester, New York in 1916. The grocery company has received much attention and accolades for its "customer fan base, organic food, hot food bar, the depth of its food selection and employee happiness."

The franchise has over one hundred locations in eight states, with thirty-eight stores in New York state. Wegmans opened their first Hudson Valley store in Harrison in 2002, attracting huge crowds who had waited years for their Westchester location to open.

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The company has been widely recognized in polls, conducted by Axios and Harris, as one of the best companies for both consumers and employees in the United States.

Look Inside This Massive New Wegmans In New York State

This enormous, brand new Wegmans Astor Place in New York City is absolutely mind-blowing. Check out the photos!

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