Make sure to check your packages if you've recently purchased salmon. The Food and Drug Administration has announced a recall of salmon in ten states over potential listeria contamination. Sources say one of the states the salmon was shipped to is New York. If you have this particular brand, the FDA is urging you to throw it away immediately.

Potentially Contaminated Product 

The Food and Drug Administration said St. James Smokehouse of Miami has recalled 93 cases of Scotch Reserve Scottish Salmon. PIX 11 says the salmon was sent to stores in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Washington State, and Wisconsin.

The FDA says the affected product has a lot number of 123172 and the UPC code 060022710356.

Going Fishing in New York? 

For those looking for some good spots to fish, you'll be happy to know one of America's best fishing towns for the approaching holidays is right here in the state of New York. Granted, it's a little bit of a hike from the Hudson Valley.


Fishingbooker has thrown together a list of the 9 best fishing destinations for Autumn, and Oswego, New York made the cut. You've got plenty of bodies of water all around. There's Lake Ontario, the Oswego River, Salmon River, and also Oneida Lake. WETM says that during this time of year, Walleye, Pike, and Bass are your best bets in Oswego.


Maybe it won't just be turkey or ham on the menu this year?

According to Fishingbooker, the next closest town on the list to hit up is Plymouth, Massachusetts. Most of the rest are either in the south or out west.

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