A beautiful visitor was recently spotted in Otisville, NY.

Bear sightings in Hudson Valley neighborhoods seem to be a pretty common occurrence these days, with postings of sightings on social media on a fairly regular basis.

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Just this past April, Hudson Valley Post reported about a black bear spotted near homes and businesses in Dutchess County. The New York State DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) has a great source with plenty of information on black bears at their site including facts and management. Watching videos of bears in action can be fun sometimes, including when it's at an area zoo and they have zoomies.  Check out Bear Zoomies at the Bear Mountain Zoo in New York.

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Amy Elman of Otisville, NY (Orange County) recently took to social media, posting photos and video of a "beautiful visitor" at her home. The Black Bear can be seen just chillin' in the yard next to a pool looking relaxed and appearing to be enjoying life. A video also shows the bear roaming through the yard, apparently smelling food that had just been discarded, according to the voice on the video. Check out the beautiful bear and its antics below.


Photo credit: Amy Elman
Photo credit: Amy Elman



Although some bear sightings can be fun to see, it can also be dangerous to approach black bears, so one should keep their distance. If you would prefer not to have bears hanging around your yard, check out 6 ways to keep hungry bears out of your yard.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Hungry Bears Out Of Your Yard

There's no sure way to keep the newly awakened bears out of your yard, but there are a few things you can do that will help prevent attracting them.