Automobile drivers aren't the only ones that need to watch out for deer.

As every Hudson Valley driver understands that deer aren't known for their intelligence. Well, now you can now add boat safety to the long list of things deer just don't seem to care about.

Because it's been so cold over the past few weeks some areas of the Hudson River have completely frozen over. Ice cutters and huge barges have no problem chipping their way through. But now they need to look out for an added hazard.

Deer were recently filmed playing out on the frozen River near Hudson, New York. As the deer were seen prancing around, a large barge could be seen floating directly towards them.

The dramatic video was taken by Hudson Valley resident, Marcus Nucci, who posted parts of it on the "You're Probably From Hudson" Facebook group. The footage shows the deer playing on the ice, unaware that a giant barge is coming closer.  As it approaches, the boat signals a warning blast from its horn.

It appears that the deer most likely escape being crushed by the vessel, but if their friends and family are on the photographer's side of the river it's going to be quite a while before they see them again. The boat cut a channel straight through the ice that's too wide to jump, and will probably take some time to freeze over again.