it appears we have some very unpatriotic wildlife in New York. A politician from a county in New York state claims that some curious raccoons have entered his home on three separate occasions in recent weeks. WHEC says that the hungry animals have targeted the legislator's home, and have eaten his food, and gone through his personal belongings.

According to his account, at least one of these critters even defaced Old Glory in a very disrespectful manner.

Raccoons in New York 

According to Wildlife NYC, raccoons are the most widespread animal in all of New York state. These hearty critters can live in almost any kind of habitat. Adults can weigh anywhere from 9 to 30pounds, and can be seen anytime day or night in search for food.


UPI says that Albany County 6th district legislator Sam Fein first had the raccoons enter his home when he left the back door slightly open for his ct. The second time was when he was having a cat door installed. By the third time, the animals had become quite brazen, chewing a hole through his screen and entering again.

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WHEC says Fein was out of town, when his neighbor's called and told him they heard a nose coming from his apartment. Fein told the affiliate that he has "an indoor camera so I logged in on to my camera and I saw I have a raccoon in my house," However the official told the Times Union their next move was downright "unpatriotic".

I noticed they got into a cabinet that had a folded up American flag in it and they pooped on the American flag, so I just felt like the amount of waste we create in this country that they benefit from, they should be a little more grateful.

No respect, we tell ya. There is no word if any of the invading raccoons are in cahoots with the Russians, or any other nation.

Don't Handle Raccoons

Did you know that you can't bring a raccoon into a pet store in New York state? One couple  found out back in June you can't, and it appears that they're facing a fine for doing so.


Officials say they received an urgent call from a pet store in early June that the two had brought the animal into the shop. Raccoons are wild animals known to carry and transmit rabies. Sadly, this couple's irresponsibility cost this animal in the long run.

Raccoon in Store 

NBC says that a Department of Environmental Conservation police officer got the call from an employee of the pet store in Erie County. The officer was able to track the couple using video from the store's surveillance camera and found the license plate of the vehicle they were driving. Erie County officials say the man and his girlfriend, from Attica, were at the store buying supplies.

The DEC said in a press release that the couple was fined $500 for bringing the animal into the store. The New York Post says that the duo willingly turned the raccoon over to officials and it was brought to a clinic for a rabies test. The animal tested negative, according to the Post. NBC says to conduct the rabies test, the raccoon had to be euthanized.

Can You Own a Raccoon in NY State? 

The NY DEC's website says that while raccoons are protected by law in the state.. no one may possess a raccoon without a license, and licenses are not issued for pet wildlife.

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