Officials were on the hunt for an escapee who had gotten loose one day earlier. However, the subject garnering all this attention might not be what you're thinking. This was no human. In fact, the Yates County Sheriff's Office says that a female baby kangaroo was found Sunday after it had escaped from a farm in Scottsville, NY. When you think of kangaroos, naturally you think of Australia, not New York state. Nonetheless, this young animal that has broken free from its owners, drew quite a big rescue party across upstate that searched through the night  Officials say the marsupial was hungry and a bit shaken up, but was not hurt in any way.

The Democrat & Chronicle is reporting that the little kangaroo, named Kaia, escaped from its handler at Stokoe Farms Saturday. Police, along with the owners, and volunteers conducted the search that eventually lead to them to an abandoned vineyard in the town of Jerusalem, NY. The D&C says that volunteers and deputies covered the young animal in blankets to keep it warm for its trip back to her owners. The kangaroo's owners shared their elation on social media:

BABY ROO has been CAUGHT! We are so very blessed with the amazing help the community of Penn Yann has shown us! Baby Roo is in the owners arms, being held very tightly! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

While this story has a happy ending, another case across the state took a much more bizarre turn recently. Did you hear the one about the man who says he was on his way to the bank, got lost, and then turned around and drove through a zooCNY Central is reporting that a 32 year-old man from Rome, NY drove his 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe through the gates of Rosamond Gifford Zoo, while narrowly avoiding hitting pedestrians and employees, as he sped through the zoo.

There was also the recent case of the small white goat that was spotted roaming on the side of a busy highway in Queens. One good sumaritan was able to pull over and rescue the animal ABC 7 says the unidentified driver was on their way to Brooklyn when they saw the abandoned goat wandering near the road in Queens. UPI says the person brought the animal into the NYPD's 63rd Precinct. The small goat was later brought to animal care facility in New York City and was determined to be in good health.

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