He claims he got lost. This doesn't really explain why a New York state man allegledy rammed his vehicle into the gates of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo however. What lead to this freak occurrence Tuesday? CNY Central is reporting that a 32 year-old man from Rome drove his 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe through the gates of the zoo and into the complex itself. Well, when in Rome. Someone please get this man a GPS.

Court documents say this offroader even wildly drove the SUV up on the walkways and narrowly avoided hitting pedestrians and employees, as he sped through the zoo like he was trying to catch up with the cheetahs. The zoo's director issued a radio call to his employees to be on alert.

There’s not a lot of areas that are much more than 8 feet wide, and in some cases less than that. It’s remarkable that he didn’t do more damage than he did driving through the entire place.

How in the world did this all happen? Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said the man claims he needed to get to a Bank of America. The closest one to Rome was in Syracuse, but the man says he somehow got lost on his way. Was he using the zoo as a potential shortcut? Wouldn't a simple U-turn have sufficed? Who knows?

CBS Albany says the man sped through the zoo in his 2004 Tahoe, as several brave employees tried to stop him to no avail. The man's wild excursion finally came to end as the vehicle broke down in front of the elephant exhibit, according to CBS. The District Attorney says there were no drugs or alcohol found in the man's system. Investigators said this wannabe Joe Exoctic's little rampage behind the wheel will total over ten thousand dollars in damages.

Officials say the man would not answer any questions when in custody. No humans or animals were hurt after the man's upstate New York safari ride.

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