A popular Hudson Valley restaurant shocked customers by announcing plans to close its last location in New York.

On Sunday, Coals Pizza announced owners are closing its last location in Hudson Valley.

Westchester County, New York Pizzeria Closing


Coals Pizza is closing its Westchester County pizzeria, located on Parkway Road in Bronxville, New York.

"Sorry to say our last Westchester location, Bronxville will be closing. Come and say goodbye, we love our loyal customers more than we can express here. Please call ahead and check Instagram as our hours may be inconsistent over the next couple of weeks," Coals Pizza wrote on Facebook.

An official closing date was not announced by owners say the Westchester County pizzeria will be "closing soon."

What To Do If You Want One Last Bite In Bronxville, New York


You are not out of luck if you want one last bite at the Bronxville eatery. However, it will be a little difficult because the pizzeria won't have normal hours. Owners say hours will be "inconsistent" and recommend checking social media for hours.

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"Please call ahead and check Instagram as our hours may be inconsistent over the next couple of weeks," Coals Pizza added.

The Bronxville pizzeria states on its website that it's home to a "famous" pizza and "award-winning" burger.

"Home of the famous grilled pizza and award-winning burger," Coals Pizza states on its New York website. "Bringing Bronxville a cozy joint to enjoy the best grilled pizza and local craft beer. Come grab a slice and a drink to see what the hype is all about."

A reason for the closure wasn't announced.

Port Chester, New York Pizzeria Closes


Around Dec. 2020, Coals Pizza closed its location on North Main Street in Port Chester, New York. The Bronxville eatery was the last Coals Pizza in New York.

Coals Pizza still has locations in Norwalk, Connecticut and Portland, Maine.

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