When people dreamed of the future decades ago, they probably pictured life in the the 2000s full of space travel, robots, and flying cars.

Well, we've made leaps and bounds in the continued development, of cool technology like smart phones and even prosthetic body parts you can create with a 3D printer. But there is one question we ask as we approach the later part of the 2010s...where are our flying cars?

Well, now the wait might be over.

The NY Post is reporting that a German company called Lilium Jet is developing a flying taxi service. They've already done at least one test flight with a small prototype, and hope to one day launch the taxi service that could transport as many as five passengers.

The Post says that company hopes to design the vehicles to perform vertical take-offs and landing, could be used for urban air taxi and ride-sharing services.

But Lilium isn't the only company looking to launch cars to the skies. Airbus, hopes to launch a prototype self-piloted flying car later this year. Some other European companies hope to actually have flying buses in the skies by the year 2020.

Now as cool as this sounds, what are we going to do if people actually start piloting these things? Many people can't even drive well enough on the roads, let alone the sky.

We'll have to wait and see.