We still don't have flying cars, but we might be inching one step closer to the future in other ways.

Domino's Pizza says they are ready to lay the groundwork for possible future driverless-car deliveries. In order to make this happen, the first thing they're going to need to do is test public opinion. The NY Post says the pizza chain has been using the campus of the University of Michigan as their testing ground.

Domino's has been conducting social experiments to see if people really want to leave their front doors and walk to the end of their yard to collect their orders from "driverless-cars". Thing is, Domino's hasn't told their subjects that the Ford Fusion hybrids are actually being driven by researchers behind tinted windows.

If the experiment catches on, then this could be the way of the future for their dank pizza deliveries come ten to fifteen years from now. Of course, this would potentially put a lot of young folks trying to earn some extra money out of work.