It's always difficult to predict the weather so far in advance, as you'll get a number of different forecasts even for a few days out. In fact, some had predicted that the Hudson Valley would see much warmer than average temperatures this fall. But now, some forecasters are saying the Northeast could way below average temperatures, for the month of October at least. the first bit of cooler air should filter in by late next week, and into the first days of the new month.

The first wave of cooler air will settle over the northern Plains and Great Lakes this weekend and then will filter into the Northeast early next week.

AccuWeather says that after the first wave of colder air, temperatures will then warm up again across the Northeast and Midwest. But then, even colder air is on the way. Another wave of cold air, straight from the Arctic, is on its way. This could bring temperatures down to 10 to 15 degrees below normal for this time of year. It's a good bet the area will see its first hard freeze of the year by around that time.

Again, this could change. we've had winters before where we never saw the amounts of snow some had predicted months in advance. You just never know.

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