It was less than a year ago when Angry Orchard announced New York would be the home to its new innovation cider house and now they've unveiled the fruits of their labor. Well, the New York fruits, that is.

The cider power house Angry Orchard has just announced their first cider made exclusively with New York Apples, Walden Hollow. In a post on their Facebook page Angry Orchard stated that the new creation was made using a variety of apples from across New York State including apples from the orchard in Walden where their Cider house is located along with apples from other orchards right here in the Hudson Valley.

According to their website, Walden Hollow will be released annually in the spring with the first batch being released nationwide this month. You can read more about Walden Hollow and it's creation here and be sure to use their Cider Finder to see where you can grab a bottle of Walden Hollow near you.