Dear Listeners,

Hey, it’s Robyn Taylor. How the hell are you? Are you feeling okay? How’s the family? These are the things I’d probably ask you if I saw you. And even though I get to talk to you every morning on the radio, I sure miss seeing you. That was a big part of working in radio up until this year.

I admit I’m not the most social person on earth, but it was always fun to meet and see our listeners. This time of the year in any other year, Boris and I would be out doing live broadcasts at various locations. It’s a great way to meet listeners. Mike the House Painter who calls us just about every day, Laurie from Wappingers who can make just about any sound you could imagine with just her mouth and voice, Matt from Middletown who always shares his awesome photography with me, Lori Kronkhyte who is at every concert at Bethel Woods and the list goes on and on. That’s how radio listener friendships are formed. 

And it’s not just radio station events. Pre-pandemic, I would run into listeners at the grocery store, while out to eat or even just getting gas. It’s always a good feeling when you meet people in person that you’ve been talking to for years. And if they happen to share a story about the station or how they were affected in a good way by something we did, well that’s even better.

I really appreciate getting to talk to and hear from you every morning on The Boris and Robyn Show. I know we’ll be out there again. Meeting each other and sharing stories. But until that day comes, I just wanted to see how you’re doing. And tell you that I miss seeing you. Stay well.

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