Not too hard to figure out that it's an election year.

You see the signs in your neighbors' yards. You both see and hear the almost non-stop ads on TV and radio, as both sides go on the attack.

Of course, the two party system isn't for everyone. Some tire of the same promises from both of the major parties and are looking for something different. If you're curious about any potential third party options, you might be excited to know that America's oldest continuously operating third party is back.

Who is it you may ask? The Prohibition Party. Yes, the anti-alcohol people. They're back and they're not giving up their fight to ban all alcohol in the state of New York. Wasn't passing the 18th Amendment enough? says that the party goes back to 1869 and lasted until pretty much disappearing by the 1940s. However, in 2017, a small group of people decided now was the time to re-establish the old guard.

Their goals remain straight forward:

(the goal) is to establish a lasting prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, to abolish the alcohol industry, and to establish a teetotal culture...


Why has such a party that holds values some may consider antiquated suddenly resurfaced now? Perhaps it has to do the explosion of the craft beer industry within New York? The fact that Governor Cuomo has spent millions on tax breaks and other incentives to help many breweries get off the ground has only strengthened their incentives.

According to NYup, the party boasts a whopping twelve or so members as of late 2018. Three of the members (including one from Washingtonville), hold positions on the Party's national committee.

Of course, this all probably means nothing to the majority who enjoy a drink, and/or don't see any good reason to prevent others from drinking.